Graduate Students


Sam Morton: Carleton, PhD 

Hydrogeochemical Investigation of Metals Distribution in a Muskeg River Wetland Near an Athabasca Oil Sands Tailings Pond

Cassie Stead: Carleton, MSc

Arsenic mobility in heated column experiments

Oliver Blume: Carleton, MSc

Greenhouse gas transport in agricultural soils

Andrew Hicks: Carleton, MSc

Weathering and metal mobility at the Ore Chimney waste-rock pile

Jonas Allgeier (Co-supervised): Tübingen, PhD

Numerical Simulation of Flow and Biogeochemical Reactive Transport in the Ammer Floodplain

Filip Budimir (Co-supervised): Waterloo, PhD

Non-traditional environmental isotopes; chromium isotope fractionation

Jenia Kortunov (Co-supervised): Tübingen, PhD

Reactive transport and long-term redox evolution at the catchment scale


David Wilson (Co-supervised): Waterloo, PhD 2019

A mechanistic approach to assessment of the geochemical evolution of low sulfide mine-waste rock

Andrew Craig: MSc 2018

Using Heated Column Experiments to Investigate the Effects of In-Situ Thermal Recovery Operations on Groundwater Geochemistry in Cold Lake, Alberta

Stephanie Roussel: MSc 2018

Metal Transport near a Tailings Facility in the Alberta Oil Sands

Phillip Dagenais: MSc 2018

Reactive Transport Modeling of a Historic Waste Rock Pile at the Detour Lake Gold Mine

Alicia Sanz-Prat (Co-supervised): Tübingen, PhD 2017

Validation of Travel- and Exposure-Time Based Nonlinear Reactive Transport Models

Zhongwen Bao (Co-supervised): Tübingen, PhD 2016

Soil – Atmosphere Interaction: Modeling the fate of semi-volatile organic compounds and chemical weathering of marine mudrocks

Mark Steinepreis (Co-supervised): Waterloo, MSc 2017

Investigation of Gas Transport Rates Through a Covered Waste Rock Pile and Synchrotron Studies on the Sulfide Oxidation Reaction

Lionel Sequeira: Waterloo, MSc 2014

The Effects of Entrapped Gas Bubbles on Physical Flow and Dissolved Gas Transport – A Sand Tank Experiment

Undergraduate Students



Colleen Harper: Carleton

Zinc transport at the Ore Chimney Mine 
Senate Medal for Academic Achievement
First Place - Best Poster, Faculty of Science Research Day

Alexei Tarnopolski: Carleton

Characterizing Arsenic Sorption in Anisothermal Aquifers

Andrew Hicks: Carleton

The Use of Boron Isotopes as an Effective Tracer for Attenuation Mechanisms of Heavy Metals – A Column Experiment

Carling Walsh: Carleton

Determining the Origin of Zinc at the Ore Chimney Mine Site, Kaladar, Ontario, Canada

Hayley Arts: Carleton

Investigation of Boron Sorption ad Elevated Temperatures

Steven Wheeler: Carleton

An assessment of sulfide mineral oxidation within a waste rock pile from the decommissioned Ore Chimney gold mine in Northbrook, Ontario.

Isabella Boushey (Co-supervised): Carleton

Recent chronologies of mercury accumulation in sediment from different basins of Meech Lake, Gatineau Park

Carrie Fong: Carleton

Investigation of acid mine drainage from waste rock at the Ore Chimney Gold Mine

Robyn White: Carleton

The Effects of Soil-Pore Oxygen on the Transport of Organic Contaminants Through the Groundwater System: A Sand Tank Experiment

Kamal Atwal: Carleton

Analysis of leachates from oil sand tailings: column experiment

Robert Wu: Carleton

Gas Transport in a Test-Scale Covered Waste Rock Pile

Ryan Latendre: Carleton

The Effects of Water Table Fluctuations on The Hydraulic Conductivity of Soils

Summer Jin: Waterloo

Use of MIN3P To Model Reactive Gas Transport In Unsaturated Column Experiments

Philip Arlos: Waterloo

1-D Bubble Entrapment Simulation of Navajo Sandstone Recharge Project

Lingyi Kong (Co-supervised): Waterloo

Comparing DIP Methods for Analyzing Particle Size Distribution of Waste Rock

Luke Brough(Co-supervised): Waterloo 

Carbon Sequestration at Low Temperature and Pressure

Sheldon Chi (Co-supervised): Waterloo

Advective Air Transport Modeling in a Waste Rock Pile

Reactive transport and long-term redox evolution at the catchment scale